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African Cuisine

We are an Authentic African Restaurant offering the very best in Nigerian Cuisine. At Chop House we pride ourselves on delivering a genuine African Experience. We bring the taste of Africa with a vibrant environment and great music.

Experience the bold robust flavors of African cuisine. We take pride in delivering quality authentic African dishes, rooted in Nigeria and we enjoy sharing delightful flavors of our culture.

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Sunday to Thursday

11:59 a.m
12:00 a.m

Friday to Saturday

12:00 p.m
12:00 a.m

Our restaurant

good old-fashioned naija cooking.

Located in LakeView Tower is where you'll find the home for Chop House. Chop House continues to be a melting pot for the African diasporic experience. Utilizing the beauty and greatness of Dubai to showcase our African heritage has always been our main aspiration. The explosion in development and gentrification underway in Dubai gives us a bigger opportunity to introduce Chop House to wider and more diverse sampling of people from all over the world.

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Weekly Deals

Chop House happy hour treats


( يَوم الإثنين )
AED 120


( يَوم الثلاثاء )
AED 100


( يَوم الأربعاء )
AED 90


( يَوم الخميس )
Whole Grilled Catfish
AED 170
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